Sufi Healing Circle & Class

These classes are open to all who are interested in exploring the
many dimensions of healing.

The primary focus is on the healing practices of the Sufis, including practices
as taught by the Sufi Healing Order.

The Sufi Healing Service is an absent healing ritual created by Hazrat Inayat Khan. 
It requires no special skills or training except the ability to be still
and focus prayerfully for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sponsored by The Sufi Healing Order

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of our monthly Healing Circles

Contact Hamza Darrell Grizzle for information
at 678-642-3213 or

Zikr:  The Sufi Practice of Remembrance

Open-Heart chanting, drumming, attunement, meditation
In the tradition of the Sufi Dervishes
Letting go of false impressions and delusions
Embracing new dimensions of inner reality

Join others wishing to be truly present
Who seek the One
Who waits at the door between worlds

Zikr and other Sufi practices are part of
our monthly Healing Circles and also
the Sufi Order classes held by Shekinah Cynthia Daniel
on the first Sunday of each month

Universal Worship Service

The Universal Worship is the religious activity of the Sufi Order.
It is based upon the unity of religious ideals, and celebrates the underlying truth that is reflected in all the world's faiths.

Hazrat Inayat Khan created a service in which the major religions of both the East and the West are represented by candles and scriptures on a single altar.
The service ultimately acknowledges "all those who, whether known or unknown, have held aloft the light of truth through the darkness of human ignorance."

Each service has a theme, which is addressed in readings from the scriptures of the major traditions.

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Click here to read about our June 2005 Universal Worship Service
on "Addressing Fear"

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